Winner of the Berlin-Brandenburg 2070 Ideas Competition – Open Space Designers

Berlin, July 16, 2020 The Association of Architects and Engineers in Berlin-Brandenburg (AIV) today announced the five winners of the international competition for urban development ideas for the future of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region. The first prize belongs to the work Growing Together Landschaf (f) tStadt, which was submitted by Berlin-Potsdam architects Bernd Albers and Silvia Malcovati together with Vogt Landschaft and Arup Germany.

Other award winners are:

2nd prize: “Cityscape Brandenburg-Berlin 2070 – The Contour of a Transitional Society”: Kopperroth / SMAQ / Alex Wall (Berlin and Cambridge, USA), B.Sc. Stefan Tischer, Freelance Landscape Architect, MMK – Urban Technologies Office

3rd prize: “Star Archipelago Berlin – Brandenburg”: Jordi & Keller Architects / Pellnitz Architecture and Urban Planning (Berlin), Christina Kautz Landscape Architecture, Ludwig Krause Urbanist

4th prize: “Landscape of Differences”: Thomas Stellmach, Planning and Architecture / Fabricism GbR (Berlin), Lysann Schmidt Landscape Architecture, Melissa Gómez (Consultant for Sustainable Mobility and Urban Innovation), Marcus Andreas (Consultant for Sustainability), Florian Strenge (Consultant for Urbanism and design processes)

5th prize: “Archipelago – Laboratory: Atlas of Urban Islands for Berlin”: Pedro Pitarch (Madrid)

A total of 55 entries were received, 18 of which entered the final round, which the 15-member jury debated and voted on Monday and Tuesday this week in an anonymous trial. Of the 18 works, eleven are from Germany, two from Spain, one each from Austria, the Czech Republic and Russia, two are international collaborations. Of the 55 entries, 27 came from Germany, 24 from abroad (Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, UK, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Zimbabwe) , there are four international collaborations.

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Nöfer, President of AIV and member of the jury: “The reason for the competition, which is intended for architects, urban planners and landscape architects, is the 100th anniversary of Greater Berlin. We would like to launch a broad social debate on the future of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region in 50 years. Competitive works show ideas of how the existing space can be brought into a future worth living in. When awarding the prize, it was important for us to create realistic intentions for the future metropolitan region based on the current situation. “

These 18 attachments were not needed to show individual buildings, but rather on structural statements on urban and open space, urban planning, use, traffic and development. According to the tender, the deepening of the overall plan (M1: 100,000), proposals for three specific sub-areas, at least one of which had to be in Brandenburg or Berlin, as well as strategic considerations on how the planning process can be discussed and continued in all states .

Prof. Jo Coenen, architect and urban planner, TU Delft, Maastricht and jury president: “All members of the jury were impressed by the excellent performance of a total of 55 entries and 18 entries in the final round, which show energy and passion. The work ‘Growing up together – Landschaf (f) tStadt’ convinces with its comprehensive future-oriented concept for Berlin-Brandenburg in 50 years, based on the current situation. The plan is based on the existing city. He continues the unique form of the metropolis, the star of the settlement, and makes suggestions for its further development in the future. In doing so, he focuses on the essential, so that the master shows himself in this limitation. ” “The five award winners have one thing in common: their work is both visionary and realistic. Everyone has recognized the high quality of the settlement star and continues to innovate it in various ways, ”adds Nöfer.

The cash prize is 200,000 euros and will be divided between the 1st and 5th prizes as follows: 70,000, 56,000, 40,000, 24,000 and 10,000 euros. All 18 works from the final round will be shown from October 1, 2020 to January 3, 2021 at the exhibition “Unfinished Metropolis” in Kronprinzenpalaz, Unter den Linden.

Additional information about the Association of Architects and Engineers in Berlin-Brandenburg (AIV):
The AIV aims to promote the culture of building Berlin and Brandenburg. Traditionally and the oldest existing association in Berlin sees its most important task in taking a stand on current planning processes. It thus influences the development of events in important areas of the metropolitan region. AIV analyzes and comments on phases and projects; it represents approaches to discussion for future urban and metropolitan development and is therefore a critical follower of the architectural and cultural history of Berlin and Brandenburg.

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