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What should the train station and the Korallus neighborhood look like in the future?

Several teams of architects and landscape planners have addressed this issue on behalf of the Hamburg-Mitte district office and the housing company VONOVIA, the largest landlord in the area. On December 15, 2021, a jury composed of experts, politicians and residents decided which of the numerous ideas should be implemented in the next few years.

The jury was most convinced by the design of the Teleinternetcafe Architektur und Urbanismus from Berlin together with the Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur from Hamburg. With the “Boulevard of Neighborhoods” between the train station and the Korallus neighborhood, the new rescue line with meeting places, shops and attractive public spaces should connect the two neighborhoods.

Ralf Neubauer, Hamburg-Mitte District Office Manager:
“The Berlin office has developed development opportunities for Korallus and Bahnhofsviertel in the east of Wilhelmsburg in a smart and clear way! With this concept, one can now move into new apartments, for urgently needed playgrounds, for cars in neighborhood garages instead of on footpaths, and many other important projects. We look forward to implementing the ideas as part of the development of the RISE area and the revitalization of the neighborhood together with local stakeholders. ”

Michael Mathe, Head of Urban and Landscape Planning in the Hamburg-Mitte district:
“The design sensitively addresses existing neighborhood structures and their neighborhoods and provides an important impetus in the right places with attractive new buildings. It contains concrete, workable proposals for a more attractive public space, as well as for the appropriation and upgrading of private green and open spaces, and thus forms a solid basis for further development in the next few years towards a residential area worth living in. ”

AnneWerner, Vonovia Regional Manager for the Hamburg region; Jury member:
“I am thrilled that the design with the strongest vision for the picturesque Wilhelmsburg district has won the race. Something great is being created here: more space for people to live in and opportunities for business to settle in, all while taking into account Hamburg’s climate goals. The workshop process was just the right way to find the best possible future for the district with the participation of all stakeholders and people in the station district and Korallus. ”

In addition to about 430 apartments already planned in the new Korallusviertel, about 400 more urgently needed apartments will be built in the area. Likewise, most parked cars that continue to be a nuisance in the district should be housed in new garages in the district, making room for pedestrians, cyclists, adjacent gardens and playgrounds. Renovation of houses, apartments and open spaces, which has already begun, will continue. In order to achieve Hamburg’s climate goals, the roofs are being installed with photovoltaic systems and heating systems are being renovated.

The wishes of the tenants were included and taken into account from the very beginning. “It is great that the residents of this settlement were able to participate in the workshop process through a wide range of options for participation. The winning design is a good step towards meeting the needs of the tenants and is therefore also my favorite. Social projects such as the neighborhood garden and solving the current problematic traffic situation are especially close to my heart. ” (Tugce Petek Kilictas, resident and jury member).

How are the results progressing?

Together with architects and landscape planners, the draft will now be further developed in 2022 together with the district office / specialist office for urban and landscape planning and included in the overall concept – the so-called integrated development concept. This also determines when which measure will be built and how it will be specifically funded. The first measures, such as the arrangement of open spaces in Korallusviertel, should be started as soon as possible.

Residents and other actors from this area can of course continue to participate – for example in the neighborhood advisory board, which should be established this year.

The drafts of the three planning teams can be viewed on the website of the Department of Urban and Landscape Planning at www.hamburg.de/stadtplanung-mitte. As soon as the situation in the crown pandemic allows it again, the winning design will also be on display at the Hamburg-Mitte district office at Thielenstraße 11. Questions about the design and further development of the area can also be asked.

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