What connects Easter with biology and chemistry?

Even if at first glance they don’t seem to belong together, the 5th grade students of the Steigerwald-Landschulheim Wiesentheid Gymnasium not only managed to find Easter eggs, but also what they have in common with the natural sciences.

In order to bring the Easter spirit directly into the classroom, the Easter eggs were painted with natural colors. The focus was on chemical and biological methods of work, by means of which the eggs could appear in a wide variety of colors.

Under the guidance of teacher Eva Karl, the children chose the appropriate natural substances according to their coloring power during the nature and technique classes and independently extracted the appropriate colors in the laboratory using a gas burner, a glass and a water bath. These tools produced differently colored solutions of blueberries, red cabbage, spinach and turmeric, for example, in which boiled eggs were bathed.

Waiting time can also be used to answer technical questions. The students could not only go home with their colorful Easter nest, but also with the knowledge that the color of their eggs can be determined by the hen’s ears.

Author: Eva Karl (biology and chemistry teacher at Steigerwald-Landschulheim Wiesentheid Gymnasium)

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