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Water has shaped our country. Hydropower satisfies our hunger for energy, quenches our thirst. Fortunately, Switzerland is rich in water. On her trip through our country, moderator Monica Ernie also noticed that the European castle with a ditch is struggling with problems.

The abundance of water in Switzerland has many advantages. Numerous hydropower plants in Germany produce climate-friendly electricity. Clean drinking water is something that is taken for granted and flows from every tap in Swiss households.

But the Swiss aquatic world is also facing problems and is facing huge changes. Global warming is increasingly making summers drier, glaciers are melting, and landslides are increasing. The quality of drinking water is increasingly suffering due to the use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture. In addition, water habitats are endangered because dams cause water level oscillations.

In the 4-part series “Water World of Switzerland”, host Monica Ernie embarks on a journey across Switzerland. Whether it’s water supply, electricity generation, melting glaciers or erosion: in each episode, it illuminates different aspects of a European castle dug by a moat. She is supported by an aquatic ecologist, hydrologist and fishery biologist. The animations clearly explain the background and connections.

Step: PS

subjects: NMG

Keywords: Water cycle, climate change, wave, sunken, turbine, generator, transformer, fish ladder, groundwater, storage power plant, flow power plant, reservoir, impact slope, sliding slope, alluvial fan, delta, estuary, flood protection, leachate , Töss, Rhine, Rhone, Aare, Reuss, Limmat, Doubs, Inn, Ticino, source, reservoir, basin, water treatment, national groundwater monitoring, water, energy conversion

production: Katrin Sutter. “SRF my school” 2020.

VOD: Unlimited.

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