The cornerstone of the law on self-determination – a lot of morals, a little new, but open questions

The traffic light government has already announced in its coalition agreement that it wants to finally repeal the existing law on transsexuals in order to replace it with the so-called law on self-determination. On Thursday, June 30, more than six months later, Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) and Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) unveiled the cornerstone of the new law at a federal press conference. Coalition partners explained at length why the old law had to be repealed – there was little new information on the legislative changes. This raised several questions.

The alleged ideology of self-determination

Transgender Law: How Traffic Lights Endanger Children’s Health

At the start of the press conference, Lisa Paus initially gave an extensive explanation as to why the old Transsexual Act (TSG) of 1980 was “inhuman and degrading”. She pointed out that the Constitutional Court had previously declared parts of the law unconstitutional – such as regulations that medical measures of gender reassignment must be carried out before the change and that the person in question must be incapable of reproduction. She criticized the fact that transgender people have been treated as “sick” for many years and that this also affects existing regulations – according to which two court experts must confirm that the person has not been ill for more than three years and probably permanently identified with their real gender – they would consider it humiliating. According to Paus, our society is “in many places already beyond our laws.” In addition, Germany lags behind other countries in this regard. So the new law is overdue.

According to the Minister of the Paus family, the law on self-determination should refer only to changes in marital status and name, for which a simple statement in front of the registry office should be enough in the future. In the case of a minor, parents should decide on changes by the age of 14, and from the age of 14 the child can decide independently with the consent of the parents. If the parents do not agree to a change of identity, the family court should make a decision in terms of the “best interests of the child”. Furthermore, the law “explicitly” does not contain any regulations on gender reassignment operations, but “a ban on disclosing information with punishment”. It is intended to ensure that identity change is not “intentionally investigated” and discovered against the will of the person concerned.

The FDP is terribly proud of its law

Marco Buschmann did not add any additional information to any of the projects already announced in the coalition agreement – he just repeated them in other words. He also insisted on emphasizing once again why the law is urgently needed for our country and praised the worthy success of the traffic light coalition: “We keep the promise to make our country freer, more open and more open to make it more modern.” and cannot be justified by anything, “in medicine and psychotherapy the debate has long been decided” – thus the FDP politician probably alludes to the fact that the clinical picture of “transsexualism” is included in the new international classification system WHO, ICD-11, has been abolished. was listed as a gender identity disorder in the chapter Personality and Behavioral Disorders.In the new edition, which takes effect in January 2022, transsexuality is now referred to as “gender incongruence” and is listed in the section “Sexual Health Conditions.” Instead of wanting to live as a member of the opposite anatomical sex, it is now stated that there is “an incongruence between the perceived and assigned sex.” In addition, the German Society o for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN) also regularly shows in its publications that it is a close companion of the awakened LGBTQ community. Biological characteristics are replaced by speech acts; Jurisprudence and eloquence triumph over nature.

Thus women become vulnerable

Risks of the Law on Self-Determination

Growing skepticism towards puberty blockers and transgender surgeries

Things only became really interesting at the federal press conference when the journalists present were allowed to ask questions to two politicians – at this moment it became clear not only the refusal to comment on some issues, but also ignorance in certain areas. Lisa Paus was especially brilliant when it comes to “fear of abuse” – a topic that is very important for many women and feminists, but for Paus it is “incomprehensible” and “absurd”. After all, one is generally against violent behavior and its intentions are supported by the Women’s Council and the Child Protection Association. When a reporter looked back on the issue, asking how he would make sure women felt safe when ex-men entered their shelters – like locker rooms – Paus had nothing to say but, “Trans women are women. And that’s why I don’t see the need for further discussion. ” It is simply as if biological males declare themselves as females in the future, and then go to work, to shelters for women, to swimming pools, etc. They are women in the sense of the law, regardless of the fact that biology is against it: that is how women are extradited and make a fair game again in the spaces created for their protection.

In addition to refusing to address this legitimate concern – in England and the US such incidents have been reported several times in local media – citizens, the family minister subsequently showed more ignorance than expertise. Asked about the large increase in young girls going through puberty who want to change their gender abruptly and abruptly, she said there are no “reliable and reliable” numbers – and: “Honestly, we didn’t really care about numbers. We all know it’s not a mass phenomenon. ” She could see things differently if she knew that the number of such young girls around the Western world has increased by 4,000 percent – that in some classes there are now 4-5 girls who say they want to be trans. Paus saw “during the preparations” that there should be a lot of young girls, but she also “times” saw numbers that should influence more boys. However, this could not be the case with young people, because girls are clearly and visibly in the majority here – according to child and adolescent psychiatrist Aleksandar Korte, as many as 85 percent are girls.

encroaching on the state

The destruction of gender is the destruction of the private

Marco Buschmann also does not flaunt facts and figures when it comes to youth issues, but stands out for his good faith. He states that the decisions of those affected usually follow “many discussions.” [und] a lot of advice “- if you take the time to read the story of those affected, it becomes clear that in Germany and other European countries a lot is done very quickly without real advice – especially the risks of hormones and surgery are only brief and insufficiently explained. But Mr. Buschmann shoots a bird only when, when asked if a change in marital status could encourage the next step to surgery, he says that, according to his findings, all medical guidelines recommend only gender reassignment measures from the age of 18 – “they are done in Germany, I can’t find a doctor who will do so “, is therefore” a theoretical question which will not be asked in Germany “. But that is simply wrong.

Transform youth with a scalpel

In Germany, gender reassignment surgeries are performed on young people – underage girls have their breasts, uterus and ovaries surgically removed, and the number is growing at the age of 14, 15 and 16. Overall, the number of surgeries on 15-20-year-olds in German hospitals has increased fifteen times in just 15 years. Figures that neither Buschmann nor Paus know, but should urgently know. But it can be suspected that they want to hear it at all. Both seem fully convinced that they are doing something good and right with the law of self-determination – doubts and questions are ignored and rejected in relation to individuality, the welfare of children and human and fundamental rights.

child protection

Fateful trans fashion – Alice Schwarzer is settling accounts

But no matter how often the SPD, FDP and Greens throw out such phrases: the law sacrifices child protection for the sake of alleged self-determination and unfortunately many mentally ill children and young people. This is also true if the law really only affects the change of civil status – if one step is taken, the other is not far away. And the question of what obstacles will remain for future operations is also open. The coalition agreement states that health insurance companies will have to bear the costs of gender reassignment operations in the future. So far, they have only done so if the person in question has been treated with psychotherapy for at least six months and at least 12 sessions of 50 minutes each – the requirements were even stricter for minors. There are now fears that even these last obstacles could be eliminated. Lisa Paus and Marco Buschmann dismissed the issue, citing Health Minister Lauterbach.

What remains after the press conference is the impression that our politicians want to paint the world beautifully, and they know few facts. What this could mean: In all likelihood, there will hardly be any obstacles for adults and young people to change their gender in the future – bureaucratically and with a scalpel.

And as a new check-out station: anyone who practices “deadnaming”, ie stating the rejected name or gender of a transgender person, can be fined. According to Buschmann, this should prevent “forced exit”. So if you meet a trans person, say in a store, and address Mrs. Christina Mohn by the old name Christian Mohn, as it has been learned for years, you will be robbed. This is how you harm untried normal people.


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