Sachsenwaldschule Gymnasium Reinbek is looking for a school board – and can’t find one

Gymnasium Reinbeck

Sachsenwald School is looking for a school administration – and can’t find one

Principal Helga Scheller-Schieweck will soon walk through the entrance portal of the Sachsenwaldschule Gymnasium Reinbek for the last time.

Principal Helga Scheller-Schieweck will soon walk through the entrance portal of the Sachsenwaldschule Gymnasium Reinbek for the last time.

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Helga Scheller-Schieweck, principal of the Sachsenwald school in Reinbeck, is retiring. It’s a goodbye that hurts.

Reinbeck. Helga Scheller-Schieweck was in the school service for almost 40 years, she taught until the end and insisted on passing the Abitur exam. Now about 1,050 young people are saying goodbye Sachsenwald School Gymnasium Reinbek their Director officially in Retirement. A day that the 65-year-old did not long for: “I am a teacher with heart and soul,” she says with a smile. Above all, “many interesting encounters with young people” motivated her to work ten to eleven hours a day at school. As a principal, of course, she had other duties besides teaching biology, chemistry and Latin. “You have to like it,” she says – again with a subtle smile.

For the last nine years of her career, the teacher was the principal of Reinbeker High School. Her balance sheet: “I’ve had a very busy time, which has also been challenging in the last two corona years,” she says. “Fortunately, I always had a good team behind me – even during the pandemic.” Teaching and school life had to be adapted to the circumstances and the often very short-term regulations of the Ministry of Education.

Sachsenwaldschule Reinbek has been her workplace since 2013

During Abitur in Corona’s first year, she called the principal of the upper school every day. “We did everything with gloves. It was a lot of work,” she recalls. In retrospect, a lot of it was exaggerated, but at the time you just didn’t have any empirical values. “We held seven release ceremonies to ensure safety,” she says.

As a young teacher trainee from 1981 to 1983 in Hamburg, she could never have imagined such a course. After that, she started as a substitute teacher at Schwarzenbek High School for nine months – and ended up staying for 15 years. In 1988, after completing her civil service, she took over the duties of senior school administration. In 1998, she moved to the Emil-von-Behring-Gymnasium in Großhansdorf as a senior teacher. She stayed there for 15 years until she became the principal in Reinbeck on July 1, 2013.

Sachsenwald School Reinbek: digitally well positioned

When asked to summarize, he says that the good experiences, that is, meetings with students and teachers, are greater than the negative ones. “I really liked the school entrance celebration. I told the new guys a little story. Performances in the subject of performing arts, farewells, our Christmas bazaars in aid of SOS children’s villages are part of that, and of course jubilees.” The school celebrated its 90th year for a whole week. For the 95th birthday, the entire school drove to Heide-Park in 28 buses.

In almost ten years at the Sachsenwald school, she has achieved a lot: digitization has progressed well. In each classroom there are interactive whiteboards or projectors, document cameras with which documents can be transferred live to the boards, students’ laptops and WLAN.

“It is very difficult to find teachers at the moment”

“Above all, we have a brand new electrical installation,” she says. “Previously, the fuse regularly blew when we turned on the waffle iron in the two adjacent classrooms during the bazaar.” In addition, the hall was completely renovated with new floors, a new stage, and a lot of love and money was invested. invested in high-quality velvet curtains. In addition, a new indoor courtyard with climbing facilities for active breaks in the orientation level has been commissioned.

So the headmistress leaves no field uncultivated and still wants to make sure that the start of the new school year after the summer holidays is successful. By the end of July, they will make new schedules and conduct job interviews. “It’s very hard to find teachers right now,” she says. And the director. Your position has already been advertised for the second time. Until then, her deputy Sebastian Stemmler will take over.

Then in August, Helga Scheller-Schieweck takes a deep breath with her 21-year-old daughter in South Tyrol. Then she could have time to think about what to do after the trip. “My garden could use a little TLC,” she notes. “And I would like to learn Italian. Maybe I’ll walk the Way of Saint James? We’ll see.” As her son (31) says, she always worked too much anyway.

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