Sabine Friedel (SPD): Berufsakademie Sachsen on the way to a dual university – news from Leipzig

Sabine Friedel, Vice President and Spokesperson for University Policy of the SPD parliamentary group, on the further development of the Berufsakademie Sachsen and the presidential election:

„Professor dr.-eng. In the last five years as president, Hänsel has shaped the vocational academy and trained it for the future. He and the directors of the study academies managed to further develop the dual direction of study – that is, the alternating academic theoretical units and practical phases in the company – precisely for Saxon companies. A placement rate of over 90 percent is a success story. For more than 30 years, the vocational academy has been contributing to the provision of skilled workers. ”

In two and a half years, Saxon Cooperative State University begins. The foundations for this are already being laid today through structural and development planning and preparatory work for amending the law on higher education.

“It is true that we are now working on expanding the range of courses in the field of health and care. In this way, the Vocational Academy opens new target groups and contributes to the practice-oriented academization of health professions. The development of minimum compensation standards during dual studies is also to be welcomed. In this way, the dual study program remains attractive to Saxon students. ”

“Congratulations to Professor Dr. eng. Andreas Hansel and professor dr. Frauke Deckow on the election of President and Vice-President. You will successfully lead the Berufsakademie Sachsen to a double university. The next test will be the upcoming double budget to create the structural and financial conditions for this transformation. ”


The Berufsakademie Sachsen offers a three-year two-year course in business, technology and social and healthcare in over 40 courses at seven locations across the Free State. More than 4,300 students are currently using this offer, 7 out of 10 students are from Saxony. More than 33,000 graduates have already successfully completed their studies at the Berufsakademie Sachsen with a bachelor’s degree.

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