Mental health – The pandemic increases the importance of this issue

Karlsruhe (ots) –

The topic of mental health has been gaining importance for years. Company doctors are becoming increasingly aware of this topic. They actively deal with abnormalities. First of all, the company’s doctors talk to employees whose mental health they notice during a medical examination. More and more employees turn to their company doctor to solve problems and sensitivities.

The goal is to maintain employability

The goal of maintaining employability is of interest to everyone, i.e. companies, employees and interest groups. VDBW is currently focusing even more on this topic.

What is new is our approach to get in very early. In terms of people and maintaining employability, an early look at health – including mental health – is essential. We design this preventative approach. The procedure, which is being developed together with representatives of employees, scientific companies and company doctors, will be available as an offer.

In times of pandemic and rapidly changing forms of work, company doctors are important advisors in the company and in medical discussions with employees. With a concept for maintaining mental health, VDBW supports companies and employees even better and earlier.

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