Man today, woman tomorrow: bureaucracy triumphs over biology

The will of man is his heavenly kingdom, as they say. In accordance with this motto, the traffic light coalition is pleased to build its kingdom of heaven on earth. The so-called Self-Determination Act, the cornerstone of which was presented yesterday by Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) and Federal Minister for Family Affairs Lisa Paus (Greens), is a pillar of this ideological structure.

The state as an authentication machinery of individual desires

In the future, everyone should be able to change their gender at the registry office in a simple procedure without a prior examination. The traffic light finally reveals its arrogance here: the proponents of this new law like to talk about “sex change”. Of course that’s nonsense. Because the person who goes to the registry office is still the same person. He just renames his gender.

It will remain what it is. Except now he makes everyone else call him whatever they want. The third instance, which would have to check whether what the individual wants to change really corresponds to what he is, is left out. The registry office thus turns into a certification machine for individual requests. Bureaucracy triumphs over biology.

The state must set the regulatory framework

However, it is the task of the state to set the regulatory framework. And this order must always be connected with objectively comprehensible facts. However, by refraining from such an examination of the facts, the state renounces the function of creating order. Instead, it becomes the protective power of subjective whims and preferences, which can constantly change. It should also be possible to change your gender every year. Today a man, tomorrow a woman, the traffic lights see no problem in that they have opened the gate with their law of arbitrariness. They present themselves as lobbyists for the special interests of certain groups, their real task of being trustees of the common good is sacrificed.

However – and this is hope: a large part of the public has apparently not even noticed what kind of ideological soup the red, yellow and green are currently cooking. For them, this new law is a kind of drumbeat. Are you waking up now?

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