Lisa Bitter: The actress is known as a crime scene investigator fun

She is known as the mysterious actress Lisa Bitter Crime scene investigator Johanna Stern from Ludwigshafen.

But acting was not the dream career of the Erlangen woman from the very beginning. In her youth, she preferred to do athletics and biology!

Read all about Lisa Bitter’s career!



Lisa Bitter was born in Erlangen and grew up in Herzogenaurach in central Franconia. Her great talent for sports was noticed as a child: Lisa was a competitive athlete in athletics!

And although she already gained her first acting experience in the theater group of her school, she first decided to study biology in Dusseldorf. Career aspirations at the time: a microbiologist.

Soon a more creative Lisa changed her studies. She moved to Leipzig, where she studied cultural studies and journalism.

And from there, fate took over: born in Erlangen, she met acting students who motivated her to audition for the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Hochschule. Experts have agreed: Lisa Bitter has talent! She was accepted and after five years completed her acting studies.

Lisa Bitter played at the New Theater in Halle and from 2009 to 2013 at the State Theater in Stuttgart. She was also seen on television, including speaking in the Swabian dialect in the series “Laible und Frisch”. Born in Erlangen, she loves dialects: if necessary, she also speaks Bavarian, Franconian and Berlin dialects.

The cinematic breakthrough came with the 2011 comedy “The Wedding Video,” in which she embodies the unorthodox bride Pia Schulz.

Lisa achieved real fame in the role of case analyst Johanna Stern, who together with senior Lena Odenthal ( Ulrike Folkerts) found in Ludwigshafen. It has been part of since 2014 crime scene. The promotion to second chief investigator came in 2018 with the departure of Andreas Hoppe.

Lisa Bitter and Ulrike Folkerts play a detective duo from Ludwigshafen

Lisa Bitter and Ulrike Folkerts play a detective duo from Ludwigshafen

Photo: imago images / Andre Poling


Lisa Bitter takes privacy very seriously. The beautiful actress even keeps her date of birth a secret. Nothing is known about her marital status.

She lived in Berlin for many years and then moved to Munich.

A topic she likes to talk about: her passion for sports. Lisa likes to exercise in the pool, on a yoga mat, jog or play badminton. This is how he keeps himself in shape for his criminal roles!

your role

► In the cinema:

Year cinemas
2017 Conni & Co 2
2016 Connie & Co
2012 Wedding video

► TV movies:

Year TV movies
2021 When the fifth small light is on
2019 Innocent
2018 Solo for Weiss – It’s not over
2018 Marriage with obstacles
2014- Crime scene Ludwigshafen

► in series:

Year television series
2020- Shared sleeper
2017 Dr. Mala
2017 alarm for Cobra 11
2016 Murder in Munich


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