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At the ceremony marking the anniversary of the Blue Flower in Kaufbeuren, it becomes clear why the center for mental health in old age is so important.


Claus Thiel

28.06.2022 | From 17:34

The Augsburg poet Beate Loraine Bauer described the Blue Flower as “the colorful garden of the soul of the heart”. Kaufbeuren. The Center for Mental Health in the Elderly recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a successful ceremony in the town hall. General manager Wilhelm Egger and Bernd Ruppert, deputy chairman of the circle of friends, led the entertainment program.

Helga Stadelbauer and Helmut Toischer presented an acrylic painting created by the art group to District Council President Martin Sailer. The motif symbolically represents an object in the form of a blue jug with colorful, scattered mosaic stones, which represents a wide range of care.

Helping the elderly is a social responsibility

Sailer emphasized the special significance of the Blue Flower of Swabia. He considers it a social responsibility not to leave the elderly alone. Loneliness, independence and longing are big challenges that not only politicians but also individuals have to face. The offer of the Kaufbeuren facility is as diverse as the people.

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Kaufbeuren’s Lord Mayor Stephen Bosse presented the Blue Flower with a symbolic certificate of maturity. There have been crises since the company was founded, but they have been overcome. And in the future, everyone would have to help in the project. Bosse was pleased that the government sector in particular intervened effectively.

Dementia on the rise in Bavaria – Blue flower offers relevant

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Bavarian Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek (CSU) agreed with the praise and emphasized the need for state aid, because without support and funding Blue Flower would not have flourished. He named as “donors” the state district, the city of Kaufbeuren, the district of Ostallgäu and the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Blue Flower in Swabia. Holetschek focused on dementia in his speech.

U Bavaria be current 240,000 cases of dementia registered, 2030 would it be more than 300,000 be. Members of the state parliament Franz Pschierer (CSU) and Bernhard Pohl (free voters) also paid tribute to the work of the Blue Flower.

Kaufbeuren doctors as tireless gardeners of the Blue Flower

As tireless and persistent gardeners, doctors prof.dr. Michael von Cranach and former senior physician Klaus Nißle made the Blue Flower sprout 20 years ago. Plant manager Wolfgang Vater contributed a lot to the plant’s progress, von Cranach said. The father was unable to attend the ceremony due to illness, and social worker Gisela Roscher presented her written report. In it he wrote: “We need visions again. Our Blue Flower is and will remain a functional vision that wants permanent and stable financing.”

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