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Children and young people interested in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology can now register online

Under the motto “Make ideas big!” youth research begins in a new circle. From now on, young people who enjoy and are interested in mathematics, computing, natural sciences and technology (MINT) can once again apply for Germany’s most famous young talent competition. Pupils, interns and students are invited to present exciting and innovative research projects in the 2023 competition round.

Children and young people do not have to be other Einsteins if they want to participate in Jugend forscht. But you should be curious and creative and look for new challenges. If you are passionate about research, invention and experimentation, then the competition is for you. Here, young researchers can show – alone or in a team – how far their ideas can take them and how small ideas can turn into big research projects. The message to young researchers is: What are you waiting for? Try it. Try it yourself. Make ideas big – at Jugend forscht 2023!

Children and young people up to the age of 21 can participate in the competition. Younger students must attend at least 4th grade in the year of enrollment. Students can be in their first year of study at most. The deadline for completing these requirements is December 31, 2022. Both individuals and teams of two or three are allowed. Application for the new round is possible until November 30, 2022. There are no predetermined tasks in Jugend forscht. The research topic is freely chosen. Importantly, however, the question can be assigned to one of seven subject areas: world of work, biology, chemistry, earth and space sciences, mathematics/computer science, physics and technology.

For registration on the Internet, a topic and a short description of the project are sufficient. In January 2023, participants must submit a written report. From February, regional competitions will be held across the country. Whoever wins here competes at the state level. There, the best will advance to the national finals in mid-May 2023. Monetary and non-monetary prizes with a total value of more than one million euros will be awarded at all three levels of the competition.

“Given numerous current social challenges, from the corona pandemic to climate protection and digitalization to the scarcity of resources, young people today are increasingly invited to get involved in the sustainable and environmentally friendly development of our planet,” says Dr. . Sven Baszio, executive director of Jugend forscht e. V. “We believe that the next generation, with its innovative power, will make a decisive contribution to shaping our common future.”

Conditions of participation (https://www.jugend-forscht.de/teilnahme/important-infos/teilnahmebedingungen.html), online registration form (https://anmeldung.jugend-forscht.de/formular) and further information and current poster (https://www.jugend-forscht.de/stiftung-jugend-forscht-ev/historie/plakate.html) can be downloaded from the internet at www.jugend-forscht.de.

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