How Vladimir Putin hides his health

Vladimir Putin likes to keep his health a secret. This apparently goes so far that the head of the Kremlin doesn’t even leave his excrement behind when he travels.

The health of the powerful is always a public issue, even more so in dictatorships than in democracies. Death or serious illness at the top of the state can trigger a power struggle and threaten internal stability. Therefore, it is not surprising that Vladimir Putin has kept a big secret about his physical condition for decades. A report by the French magazine “Paris Match” now shows how far the Kremlin chief’s need for control actually goes.

According to reports, when traveling abroad, one of Putin’s bodyguards is tasked with collecting his boss’ excrement in a bag and taking it to Moscow in a special suitcase. This practice was documented for Putin’s visit to France in May 2017 and Saudi Arabia in October 2019, the magazine said, citing insiders.

There are more and more indications that Putin is suffering from cancer

There was intense pressure on everyone involved to keep the shameful matter under wraps, but apparently to no avail. The background of the “special operation” is the concern that the enemy’s secret services could extract information about the health of the head of the Kremlin from feces and urine. Rumors of the 69-year-old’s physical problems have circulated for years, but evidence has recently mounted.

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