How should geno get out of the red, Ms. Thirteen?


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Felix Krömer talks to the head of Bremen’s northern health department about minus millions in the city’s clinics and how Geno is fighting the shortage of qualified workers.

Year after year, the community clinics Gesundheit Nord (Geno) devour millions of holes in the Bremen budget. Last year it was more than 40 million euros. Bremen has four hospitals that offer almost everything in terms of medical care – which is of course expensive.

In addition, large investments are expected, because some houses are no longer up-to-date. Where will the money come from? Without compromising health care, some areas must be reduced. Buten-un-binnen moderator Felix Krömer wants to know how this should work and whether you have to completely rethink health care in Bremen from the president of Genoa, Dorothea Thirteenth.

1 Corona turned everything upside down

Fewer patients, sick workers, delayed operations – the pandemic has turned hospital management upside down in the last two years. The number of crowns is currently increasing again, but in some cases benefits are no longer paid. This is why boss Geno is looking forward to the fall and possible further waves of the corona with concern, but also with confidence, as she explains from about 4:45 minutes.

I’m worried about the staff. They run a marathon and have been sick in large numbers themselves. The mental effort is great. The current situation is difficult for those who are really at the bedside.

Dr. Dorothea Thirteenth

Dorothea Thirteenth, President of Genoa

2 How is Geno doing financially?

Chef Geno Thirteenth in an interview with Felix Krömer
Dorothea the Thirteenth in conversation with Felix Krömer.

Image: Radio Bremen/Christof Kette

“It’s complicated,” admits Geno’s boss from 6:50 minutes when it comes to Gesundheit Nord’s economic situation. After a really difficult 2020, however, it was possible to stabilize the business situation in 2021, she says.

The level is not yet satisfactory, but he is looking forward to the success of the renovation of almost 26 million euros. Thirteenth could not yet provide concrete numbers, but the annual financial statements look good at first glance. The goal is still to get out of the red by 2024/2025 and be in the black, says Thirteenth from minute 9:10.

3 Do you have to reduce more positions for black zero?

From minute 13:45, Felix Krömer draws attention to the topic of job cuts. Among other things, 140 jobs were cut to save costs. Given that the number of patients has decreased in recent years, you have to watch the ratio of the number of cases to the costs and react, said the head of Genoa. When asked, she confirmed that other jobs could also be terminated. Due to the lack of qualified workers, however, not in the field of care.

Not dismantled in care. This is taboo for us.

Dorotea the Thirteenth, head of Genoa

Thirteenth explains what other savings plans there are from about the 19th minute.

4 Does Bremen need four municipal clinics?

Bremen can currently afford four full-service hospitals. If you want to say goodbye to this situation in the long term if you want to be in good financial shape, Felix Krömer wants to know from the 35th minute.

Felix Krömer conducts the interview
Felix Krömer has a few questions for the Genoa boss.

Image: Radio Bremen

It is important to think twice about what you need in which location and what services you need. Even at this moment, the lack of qualified workers plays a big role, because the structures must function reliably, says Trinaesti. The discussion revolves around the question: “How can healthcare be maintained at a high level without doing everything in every location,” says Geno’s boss. The thirteenth describes how this discussion is currently taking place in Bremen from 36:20 minutes.

5 What is Geno doing about the lack of skilled workers?

There is a lack of qualified nursing staff. Thirteenth explains how Geno advertises for new employees and interns from the 55th minute. “We are creating temporary living space, we offer language courses if needed and we have started an image campaign,” says the head of Genoa. From minute 59, he reveals what the plans are for the training center.

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