Hiking for mental and physical health with SENI / the brand for incontinence products begins on Incontinence Day “Take the first step!” and calls on those affected to take action

Biesenthal (ots) –

SENI, one of the leading suppliers of incontinence and body care products, is launching a PR campaign “Take the first step! Active against bladder weakness”. The motto should be understood with two meanings: on the one hand, as an invitation to regularly get active in the fresh air while hiking. On the other hand, as a plea not to let bladder weakness slow you down. Instead, those affected should seek information and advice as a first step. The PR campaign was launched just in time for International Incontinence Day on June 30.

“We would like to encourage people not to stop their activities because of bladder weakness,” explains Michaela Bahr, Head of Marketing and Communications at SENA. On the one hand, the campaign includes informative POS material such as flyers and posters, which appeal to both hikers and those affected by incontinence. On the other hand, editorial, informative tips are gradually placed in various print and online media. The campaign is taking place across the country in specialized stores, as well as in selected women’s and pharmacy magazines. Media partner Apotheken Kurier is also increasing its reach. The landing page www.seni.de/wandern serves as a central point where all measures come together.

Hiking is close to nature. Hiking is a beneficial movement, but also a community. The hobby improves physical and mental health equally. No wonder there are so many enthusiastic hikers! This sport is especially important for people with incontinence. The movement strengthens the pelvic floor, the weakness of which is often the cause of symptoms. In addition, mental health benefits from being active in nature, reducing stress levels and providing joy in life. That is why SENI wants to actively educate and motivate those affected not to let the fear of accidents stop them, but to take the first step proactively.

Pharmacies and medical supply stores can become part of the campaign “Take the first step! Actively against bladder weakness” by ordering campaign materials at marketingbefertigungen@tzmo.de.

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