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Five years after the last major meeting on health policy, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), with the support of the German Sports Youth (dsj) and the Conference of Ministers of Sport, invites you to the 4th evening of health and preventive policy in Berlin on Monday, July 4, 2022 “Health needs exercise” is the motto of this year’s evening event, which will take place at 7 p.m. at the main office of Deutsche Telekom AG in Berlin.

After Nancy Faeser, Federal Minister of the Interior and Homeland, recently announced at the DOSB Parliamentary Dinner the joint sports program Restart Sport of 25 million euros for clubs and promised a joint summit of exercises required by the DOSB and dsj, now it is a matter of concrete implementation.

On Monday evening (July 4), representatives of sports, politics, health, youth work and science will discuss why a decisive change of course is necessary in German politics when it comes to health promotion, why lack of exercise should be declared a top priority, and what specific the topics will be discussed at the planned summit of the movement.

The interest of high-ranking guests, who managed to inspire DOSB and dsj for the event, shows how important the topic “Health needs exercise” is after the suspension of sports due to the pandemic. For the first time, Lisa Paus, Federal Minister for the Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Sabine Dittmar, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, and others. Rolf Schmachtenberg, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, promised representatives of three important federal ministries that he would come.

“The last 2.5 years have been paradoxical from the point of view of the promotion of physical activity: on the one hand, with the corona pandemic, health policy issues have come into the spotlight of the media, and the protection of life and health has – rightly – become the overriding goal. On the other hand, the most important measures were prevention – that is, sports and exercise – de facto prohibited. The clubs feel the consequences, we feel it as a society. We need to talk about it, and we are really very happy that we were able to start the discussion at the health and prevention policy dinner with many decision-makers* who can set the course for the joint movement summit at the Federal Chancellery”, explains DOSB Vice-President Kerstin Holze.

Stefan Raid, 1st president of the dsj, adds: “Not even 20 percent of our children achieve the minimum daily physical activity recommended by the WHO, an average of one hour a day. Considering the development in the last two years, there is an even more urgent need for action than before . We need to work together – cross-departmentally and in time – to develop a concrete plan of action to expand children’s range of physical activity and enable them to grow up healthy.”

According to the opening presentation of Sabina Dittmar, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), together with dr. Klaus Reinhardt, President of the German Medical Association, Tino Sorge, Spokesperson for Health Policy of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group, Stefan Bräunling, Head of the Office of the Cooperation Network for Equal Opportunities in Healthcare, Kiki Hasenpusch, Board Member dsj, and DOSB Vice President Kerstin Holze discuss the topic “Health needs exercise”. Lisa Paus, Federal Minister for the Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, will emphasize the special importance of physical activity for the healthy growth of children and young people. Wincent Weiss, who, as the face of the dsj movement MOVE campaign, is dedicated to re-exciting children and young people with movement through music, will accompany the evening. The event will be moderated by Daniel R. Schmidt, head of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention – German Association of Sports Physicians.

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