Further development of the supply structure / KNAPPSCHAFT is presented at the Capital Congress of Medicine and Health

Bochum/Berlin (ots) –

With the health networks prosper/proGesund, which are unique in Germany, KNAPPSCHAFT is a pioneer in integrated care. General practitioners and specialists, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities work hand in hand with KNAPPSCHAFT in eight regions for integrated total care. KNAPPSCHAFT is using this year’s Capital Congress on Medicine and Healthcare, the leading congress for the healthcare system, to discuss the topic of integrated care with experts from the healthcare industry and politics.

In Berlin, Bettina am Orde, managing director of KNAPPSCHAFT, emphasized: “The problems in health care in Germany are becoming more and more complex and resources are becoming more and more scarce. Therefore, we must use all opportunities to further develop health care structures. The fact that it is possible seems more economical with improved care, proves KNAPPSCHAFT with its now twenty-three-year-old integrated care prosper/proGesund – year after year.”

With the “constant management competence” required for this, KNAPPSCHAFT sets a competitive benchmark in the field of integrated population-related care. This shows how important it is for health insurance companies to take a coordinating role in establishing cross-sectoral protection structures, Orde continued.

KNAPPSCHAFT is the initiator of the integrated care prosper/proGesund introduced in 1999 and sustainably controls it. Over 230,000 insured persons, about 2,200 general practitioners and specialists, 20 hospitals and two affiliated rehabilitation clinics are part of eight regional health networks.

“KNAPPSCHAFT made an advance payment without knowing whether this model would pay off. Brave action was needed at the time, and action is still needed today in the interest of further development. Integrated care can serve as a model for further projects,” says am Order KNAPPSCHAFT is ready to bring the acquired competence in integrated care into the political discussion.

The participants of the capital congress will exchange opinions on current health and social policy topics in professional groups and sectors until Friday.

The congress program is available here: www.kapitalkongress.de/programm

Photo material for this press release is available at www.kbs.de/pressedownload

Panel discussion at the Capital Congress:


Possible caption:

On June 22, 2022, the following members gathered at the Capital Congress to discuss the topic ‘Integrated Care 2.0’: Moderator dr. Albrecht Kloepfer (Office for Health Policy Communication), Bettina am Orde (Managing Director of the KNAPPSCHAFT, Prof. Dr. Armin Grau (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen parliamentary group in the German Bundestag), Dr. eV), Sarah Otte (Head of the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Recklinghausen/Klinikum Vest GmbH), dr. hc Helmut Hildebrandt (CEO of OptiMedis AG) Photo: KBS

Panel discussion at the KNAPPSCHAFT booth:


Possible caption: The ‘Politik-Talk’ and ‘Eat & Talk’ formats at the KNAPPSCHAFT stand at the Capital Congress were well attended. Here, the experts discussed at the invitation of Knappschaft Kliniken GmbH and the health insurance company KNAPPSCHAFT under the motto “Health care guide. Focus on people”. Photo: KBS

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