Everyone in Aue is talking about it – What is bismuth DNA? – 2. Bundesliga

Bismuth DNA – this is the language used to define Auer football in the Ore Mountains.

Coaches try to use this term as something that is taken for granted. Players try. For the club boss, that means life.

Bismuth DNA. Aue DNA. What is it, actually? Does it really exist?

Timo Rost (43) has already used the term DNA in his presentation. The new coach said on June 1: “We want to return this Erzgebirge DNA to the club and to the region. To build a team that can reproduce such DNA. ” Rost recently reiterated, “We have to return DNA to sometimes hurt an opponent.”

Aues club boss Helge Leonhardt (63) presented the pinnacle in terms of DNA on May 12, 2019 (Mother’s Day). Addressing the fans, Leonhardt shot into the stadium microphone: “Become a mother and carry Wismut Aue’s DNA!”

BILD asked Leonhardt again what he meant by the frequently used Aue DNA. The president: “It comes from the statement about the mission of our club. The regional home of Erzgebirge and the connection with it are a splendor and attraction to inspire beyond our borders. ”

Terms such as camaraderie, reliability and cohesion appear in the above-mentioned mission statement.

Now the fans have to be brave: it is possible that the first match (July 24, 13:00 with U23 SC Freiburg) will not be a professional in the Au team that has Aue DNA. The reason: With Sasch Härtel (23) and Felix Hache (18), there are currently only two players born in Bad Schlem.

Hartel’s contract expired on Thursday. The left back may continue to bid for a new contract in the coming weeks. Hache is still part of the U19 team.

That means DNA

DNA – what is it anyway? The school taught biology. Of course, it had to be memorized and graded. DNA = deoxyribonucleic acid. This sounds cumbersome and actually means that DNA is found in the cells of all living things and carries genes with the information necessary for the cell to function.


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