Criticism of the “SOUP” festival due to high prices

DThe SOUP Shaping Our Urban Phuture Urbanism Festival, scheduled for September and funded by the city with a quarter of a million euros, has met with criticism on social media and in the Left Party over ticket prices and program design. Twitter users criticize that many citizens cannot afford prices ranging from 300 to 500 euros. A Twitter user asks, “Can someone lend me 500 bags, I’d like Roland Koch to talk about urbanism.”

Numerous advertisers and representatives of the real estate industry will take part in the event, which will take place from 9 to 11 September in the building of the former sports arena in Hauptwache and aims to develop ideas for the “City of Tomorrow”. urban planners are usually underrepresented. A VIP ticket costs 500 euros, a regular festival pass 300 euros, students pay 100 euros. A daily ticket is available for 160 euros. However, part of the event should be free.

Michael Müller, leader of the Linke im Römer parliamentary group, describes the festival as “a high-gloss event with little depth”. “You don’t get stuck there much.” Many people would also be excluded because of the high tickets. And in terms of content, the whole range of topics relevant to Frankfurt is not represented.

For example, Müller lacks environmental aspects, civil society actors and small retailers affected by the renovation of the inner city. “The city, as a partner that financially supports the festival, should influence the program and prices and ensure that it is inclusive,” the city councilor demanded.


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