Corona cases among employees: UKSH closes stations

Due to the increase in corona cases among the workforce, the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) is closing the stations at two locations in Kiel and L├╝beck. “Also, as in the whole country, the number of patients in the emergency room and in the hospital has increased significantly,” the hospital announced on Wednesday. Significantly more patients would have to be treated with and because of the corona infection at great expense.

The university hospital announced that there will be waiting times and restrictions in the care of planned, urgent interventions or visits to the doctor. If necessary, only urgent operations that cannot be postponed are carried out for now. Employees are prohibited from all official travel until further notice. “All available capacities in clinics and emergency clinics are needed so that relevant acute diseases can be treated with the available staff.”

“All in all, the situation in clinics across the country is very tense,” explained Health Minister Kerstin von der Decken (CDU). “This is also due to the generally high level of sick leave, which particularly affects hospital employees.” Anyone who is sick or infected should stay home to slow the spread of infection. Von der Decken called on people suffering from the corona disease to stay at home even after the five-day mandatory isolation if the self-test is still positive or if the symptoms persist.

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