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The U.S. government has ordered another large-scale corona vaccine from the Mainz-based biotechnology company BioNTech and its pharmaceutical partner Pfizer for a planned reinforcement campaign in the fall. Namely, it is about at least 105 million doses and an agreed volume of over 3.2 billion dollars, according to the companies.

Deliveries should begin in late summer and will include vaccines for adults and children. According to Pfizer boss Albert Bourle, these are also agents that could specifically protect against newer variants of the virus such as Omicron. The deal includes the option to purchase up to an additional 195 million doses, bringing the total number of doses to 300 million.

It can be assumed that BioNTech will be able to conclude further contracts in the coming weeks and months. Because it is unlikely that the United States will be the only country preparing for a potential vaccination campaign.

BioNTech is likely to make a billion sales with the corona vaccine this year as well. The company can use the profits to further develop its extensive pipeline (including oncology projects). At the same time, profit offers room for acquisitions. DER AKTIONÄR remains optimistic about the share and continues to recommend buying it.

(with material from dpa-AFX)

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