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Last weekend, mRNA specialist BioNTech announced that two customized omicron vaccine candidates had elicited a strong immune response in the test phase. Analysts at Bryan Garnier then took another hard look at the biotech stock and stood by their assessment.

Investment house Bryan Garnier left BioNTech with a “buy” rating and a $296 price target in light of the data presented about the omicron vaccine.

A vaccine tailored specifically for the omicron variant showed a better immune response than a broadly effective vaccine candidate, analyst Olga Smolentseva wrote in a study available Monday. In their view, a monovalent booster is therefore a more likely candidate for approval.

Analysts are optimistic

From 16 in the news agency Bloomberg The aforementioned analysts, who regularly deal with BioNTech shares, recommend buying the stock along with Bryan Garnier and six other banks. This was offset by nine “hold” recommendations and no sell recommendations. The average twelve-month price target is $249.62, which is well above current price levels.

DER AKTIONÄR also remains bullish on the BioNTech stake and continues to recommend its buy. In addition to promising developments at Corona, the Mainz-based company is also impressing with a bulging oncology pipeline. Some news can be expected here in the coming quarters.

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Conflict of interest notice:

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