Biology champions from Vorarlberg – Dornbirn were selected

Participants of the state championship Vorarlberg with responsible teachers.

Participants of the state championship Vorarlberg with responsible teachers.
©Laurence Feider

The Vorarlberg State Championship in the Biological Challenge was held in BG Dornbirn.

Dornbirn. The goal of the Biology Challenge is to encourage gifted high school students who are interested in science and teach biology in their subjects. The competition was launched three years ago – this year it was also held in Vorarlberg for the second time. Students from different high schools received additional lessons in six subject areas – the sequence of lessons took place alternately in the participating schools. This year’s topics were eye, heart, bones and joints, macronutrients, kidneys and microbiology. Not only theoretical knowledge was transferred, but also a lot of time was spent on practical work.

Finally, the students were able to demonstrate their knowledge at the Vorarlberg State Championship in BG Dornbirn. They had to solve various theoretical and practical tasks in four out of six subject areas. Aleksandra Winkler from BG Blumenstrasse was the best at it, emerging from the competition as the winner. Severin Telser from BG Dornbirn and Ronja Hulka from BG Blumenstrasse took second and third place. On May 30 in Innsbruck, the top three could compete with national winners from other federal states.

In Vorarlberg, the biological challenge is carried out as a non-compulsory exercise between schools. 33 students from ten high schools in Vorarlberg participated in this year’s edition. It was organized by a project team consisting of eight teachers from seven schools in Vorarlberg. Teaching materials were created together with teachers from other federal states. “The last few years in particular have shown how important biology is to all of us and that everyone not only needs to get a basic science education, but that opportunities must be created to ensure that we turn bright minds into great thinkers. Because our young people are the future of tomorrow,” says Valeria Zoppoth, professor at BG Dornbirn and member of the organizing team.


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