bienen&natur publishes a new edition of the Varro special issue

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bienen&natur publishes a new edition of the Varro special issue

bees & nature
publishes a new edition of the Varro special issue

Good news for all beekeepers: bees & naturethe most widely circulated beekeeping magazine in Germany dlv German Agricultural Publishing House, publishes an updated new edition of the “Varroa” special issue. The publication is a proven standard work and an indispensable reference for all beekeepers in the fight against the dangerous varroa. The special edition of 92 pages is now available in newsstands or in the dlv shop at a price of €5.90.

The updated and expanded edition of the special issue makes it easier for beekeepers to target Varroa virus infection. Systematically and clearly deals with all approved procedures – from beekeeping-biological procedures such as removal of drone brood, brood stop or swarm anticipation to procedures with veterinary drugs such as formic acid or oxalic acid; explains the effect of the procedure in each case. In a comprehensible form, all links are clearly presented in graphics and images. Step-by-step instructions facilitate implementation in beekeeping practice.

In addition, the publication provides basic information on the biology of the varroa mite and how it harms bees. There is also information on the most important methods for diagnosing how infected a colony is.

The special edition also contains a lot of interesting information about:

  • The new rules of the EU Regulation on veterinary medicinal products that will enter into force in January 2022.
  • Inventory book template for copying as well as instructions for its storage
  • Investigating the cause: “What caused my people to die in the winter?”

The author is a renowned expert in bee health, Dr. Wolfgang Ritter, who has been at the forefront of Varroa research and control since it first appeared in Germany. As a beekeeper, he relies on his own experience with all methods of varroa control; Treatment oriented to the damage threshold is especially important to him.


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