Awarded projects for healthy coexistence in times of Corona / DAK-Gesundheit recognizes the national winners in the competition for prevention and health promotion

Hamburg (ots) – “Faces for healthy coexistence”: Under this motto, dedicated people across the country participated in more than 200 projects in the DAK-Gesundheit competition for prevention and special use in times of corona. The federal jury headed by DAK CEO Andreas Storm has now awarded the winners for 2021 at a virtual award ceremony. The initiative from Bremen received the first award at the federal level for the “FUGE” project to strengthen families with chronically ill children. The second prize went to “Crazy? So what!”, an educational initiative by young people from Saxony-Anhalt about mental illness. And the third prize went to the project “#machtlos – KlassenzimmerTheaterstück” from North Rhine-Westphalia with a school play about addiction problems in the home. A special award went to the “SpoSpiTo Movement Pass” project from Bavaria, whose goal is to get as many children as possible to school on foot or by bicycle.

“Among the applications for the 2021 competition, there was an astonishing number of projects that focused on young people. The health of children and young people is a topic that has been close to our hearts at DAK-Gesundheit for many years,” said Andreas Storm, CEO of DAK- a – Health. “And what is very important: young people and children must not be among the losers of the pandemic. That’s why social commitment aimed at this group is particularly valuable.”

Inga Oppenhausen from Bremen became the national winner with the family project “FUGE” of the organization Afj eV for the protection of children and youth from Bremen. The acronym stands for “support families – develop community”. The initiative qualifies and places volunteer helpers in families with a chronically ill child. Sick children are taken care of and have free activities. Parents get rest and time for chores or activities with healthy siblings.

“With her initiative, Inga Oppenhausen takes care of particularly vulnerable families who are extremely burdened by a chronically ill child. Parents often do not know where to turn in their exhaustion,” explained the decision of the national jury. “The project is a beacon of sorts with nationwide appeal. ‘FUGE’ offers reliable help in an extraordinary way, strengthens families in the long run and also helps siblings grow up healthy.”

In addition to Andreas Storm, the federal jury includes Dr. medical Enise Lauterbach from LEMOA medicine, Edith Stier-Thompson from news aktuell, René Träder, psychologist and journalist, and Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch, German high jump champion. Torge Wittke and Laura Mench are there as national winners from the previous year and last but not least, professor dr. Ingo Froboese from the German Sports University in Cologne.

The national winners of the “Faces for a healthy community” competition receive 3,000 euros (1st place), 2,000 euros (2nd place) and 1,000 euros (3rd place and a special prize). The prize money will be made available to the winners to further develop their projects.

With 5.5 million insured, DAK-Gesundheit is one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany. In 2018, she launched the initiative “For healthy coexistence” to strengthen friendliness, consideration and tolerance in society. The related competition “Faces for Healthy Coexistence” will be held again in the fall of 2022. Additional information and all top projects this year are available at:

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