After Madness: Tom Hanks Can Laugh Again – Fun

Tom Hanks performs in Hollywood. Photo: Tinseltown/

First fans were worried about his health, then he was filmed having a freak out: Now Tom Hanks is showing his usual good-humoured side again.

Tom Hanks (65) dismissed the negative headlines in recent days with just one appearance. In “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, he made the audience laugh with a dance performance. Previously, fans were worried about his health. The actor was filmed visibly shaking. Hanks then got involved in an argument with a female fan.

On Stephen Colbert’s show (58), Tom Hanks was in good spirits and in good shape. Together with the presenter, he performed a skit about fathers who record themselves dancing on TikTok. Sitting on the couch, the two stars performed a dance routine. The actor, who will appear in the movie “Elvis” in the role of Colonel Tom Parker from June 23, has not responded to the worrying reports in recent days.

trembles and freaks out

The actor appeared to be unable to control his hands at the premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s new film, 59, earlier this month near Brisbane, Australia. During the speech, they were shaking so much that it was difficult for him to hold the microphone. Performance videos show Hanks struggling with physical disabilities. During his entertaining speech about the Gold Coast location, he tried to prop up his right hand holding the microphone with his left.

Last Wednesday night (June 15), the Hollywood star appeared to briefly lose his cool after an intrusive fan bumped into his wife Rita Wilson, 65. A video showing the incident in New York surfaced on social networks.

Protected by bodyguards, the Hollywood couple run to a waiting car, but fans keep breaking through and wanting to take close-up photos. A particularly careless man ran into Rita Wilson and almost knocked her over. “Stop,” she calls. Tom Hanks stopped and yelled, “My wife? Come back, damn it! You’re knocking my wife over?” After that he turned around and angrily ran to the car.


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