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From: 06/30/2022 4:54 PM

Hamburg wants to become the most active city in Germany in the coming years. This is one of the major projects formulated in the print edition of “The Active City of Hamburg – A Strategy for a Big City Based on Sports and Exercise” adopted by the Senate of Hamburg.

“It is not only a strategy for sport, but for the whole city and documents the enormous increase in the importance of sport for a good life and coexistence,” Interior and Sports Senator Andy Grote (SPD) said on Thursday. 232 goals are listed in 10 chapters.

Hamburg wants to sign up for sporting events

This, among other things, refers to the promotion of competitive sports. “Without competitive and top sports, there are no role models,” Grote emphasized. The goal is for Hamburg to achieve the most participants in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in relation to the number of inhabitants compared to the federal states. Grote also made it clear that the city will continue to apply for important and attractive sporting events. “The goal is to host the world or European championship in attractive and popular sports once a year.”

Goal: More members in clubs

The Senate also pays great attention to club sports. The number of members should increase by two percent each year in line with population development. Free sports facilities in public areas will also be expanded. There should be more sports facilities in the parks and more opportunities for swimming.

The strategy touches on many areas

Since the Active City Strategy also affects areas such as infrastructure, health, environmental protection and international marketing, all city authorities and district offices should work together to implement it. How much the measures will cost is still unclear.

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Participants in "Active City Day" on the Jungfernstieg.  © GDR / Karsten Sekund Photo: Karsten Sekund

More than 150 practical sports activities will be created in Hamburg during the summer. “Active City Day” has begun. (June 17, 2022) more

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